Low Pressure - Full Flow Stainless Steel

Low Pressure | Full Flow Stainless Steel

With 316 Stainless Steel Threaded Adjustable Arm 

These full flow low pressure stainless steel vales are fully made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, they last forever even with aggressive water sources like bore water and salt water, never get dirty inside, this valves have a true full bore offering maximum flow. The arms are of superior strength due to the 316 stainless steel construction.

A Spigot has been made on top of the end of the arm, with the 316 stainless steel threaded adjustable arm, they can be adjusted to any angle or position to suite any type of concrete stock trough.

 Code  Ball Size  Length 
FF25SS 9″ Standard Ball 520mm
FF40SS 9″ Standard Ball 565mm
FF50SS 9″ Standard Ball 580mm

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